Trixie Pet Products Review

Trixie Pet Products Review

As a dog owner you likely think that your dog is the smartest pet around. Or perhaps you think your dog could use a boost in the intelligence department. No matter what the case may be, the fact is that all dog owners love their dogs and only want what is best for them.

When it comes to providing your dog with great toys, finding ones that are interactive and make your dog use his mind to solve are some of the best options. One interactive toy that will keep your dog learning is the Mad Scientist toy from Trixie Pet Products.

About The Mad Scientist From Trixie Pet Products


  • Base with frame
  • 3 beakers
  • 2 sets of lids with patterns


  • Place treats inside of the beakers
  • Leave the lids off until your dog masters flipping and balancing the beakers
  • ​Place the lids with the patterned holes on the beakers.
  • Mix and match the lids to add more of a challenge.
Mad Scientist pet toy


This toy was designed with the playful nature and intelligence of a dog in mind. The mad scientist offers a way for your to channel your dog’s curiosity into a fun and interactive game. This particular toy is for dogs that are used to puzzles, but may not be ready for a more advanced game quite yet.

To use the toy you will simply place your dog’s favorite treat inside one of the beakers. When the beaker is flipped over correctly, your dog will receive the treat. Once your dog has gotten used to playing with the toy you can add one of the lids to the beakers. These lids will require your dog to navigate the treat through the pattern in order to receive it. This is a fun extra element to the toy that helps keep your dog engaged for even longer.

What People Say About Trixie Pet Products

The mad scientist toy from Trixie Pet Products has around 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Pet owners from all over seem to fall in love with this great toy. This product is a great way to keep your dog entertained during meal time. You can also use it for some extra play time throughout the day.

One complaint about the toy is that it sometimes will tip over. Some pet owners state that they cannot get the toy to stay standing up. They typically solve the problem by leaning it up against something to help hold it in place.

In addition, if you have a larger breed of dog, this toy is fairly short, so your larger dog may have trouble playing with it. On the same note, if you have a dog that is really short, he may not be able to reach the toy.


Trixie Pet Products have been designed with your dog’s intelligence in mind. Purchasing this toy for your dog will keep him happy and entertained for many hours. He will learn to be patient when trying to tip over the beakers in order to receive his treat.

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