Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Dogs are inherently pack animals. When in the wild dogs will travel in packs in order to keep each other safe. When dogs are domesticated and brought into the home, they still have the pack instincts, they are just not as severe.

Since dogs prefer to travel in groups, when you bring a dog into your home and he is by himself, you will become his pack. This means it is your job to take care of all of his basic needs and in return he will offer you his protection.

With that being said, there are some dogs out there that suffer from different types of anxiety for whatever reason. Some dogs have separation anxiety and simply stress out over being apart from their owners or their family. Other dogs are scared of loud noises and some do not like to travel. Every dog is completely different and it is important to remember this.

If your dog suffers from anxiety it can be difficult to watch them struggle, especially if you have no way of soothing them. There are many toys available that can help you provide your dog with a bit of relief from some of these issues. Currently, there is only one product out there that uses the heartbeat technology and it is made by a company called Smart Pet.

About Smart Pet Love

Smart Pet Love has been around since 1997. The company knows that our pets are truly part of our family and that pet owners want only the best for their companions. The company set out to design toys that can help animals deal with their anxiety issues.

Anxiety in pets is a real thing and there are some animals that suffer worse than others, just like people. The products offered by Smart Pet Love have been designed with this condition in mind. The toys are created to help comfort pets that may be suffering from different types of anxiety.

The company offers a large product line that helps address anxiety issues in several ways. Some of the toys offered by Smart Pet Love include snuggle beds, snuggle blankets, potty pads, and chew toys. The company also manufactures a Safe and Sound harness. This harness is unique in that it provides a pulsing heartbeat that lies in a pocket near your dog’s chest when he is wearing it.

The most popular toy offered by the company is the Snuggle Puppy.

Snuggle Puppy

The Snuggle Puppy was created by Smart Pet Love. The idea behind the toy is to provide the physical warmth and intimacy of a mother through the use of a simulated heartbeat. The results of this toy have been quite positive as dogs who play with this toy are calmer, more peaceful, and seem happier overall.

The Snuggle Puppy is a small stuffed dog toy that has a small compartment inside to hold a heat pack. You can place a heat pack inside the toy at any time to provide your dog with added warmth. In addition, this furry pal has a pulsing heartbeat. This heartbeat provides dogs with a calming sensation as it simulates being with another dog.

The heartbeat runs on triple A batteries and will last around 2 weeks when it is used continuously. You can use the power switch on the toy to turn the heartbeat off when it is not needed and this will make the batteries last even longer.

Your dog will be drawn to the sound of the heartbeat as a natural comfort. This is similar to what dogs would do if they were with their mothers or with other members of their pack.

There are two heat source options available for the Snuggle Puppy. A disposable heat pad can be used inside the toy. This will last about 24 hours and are safe for dogs and humans. However, if you are more environmentally friendly, you can purchase a reusable heat pack that is made from all natural materials. Simply put the pack in the microwave when you need to warm it up and you will save money and resources.

Who Is The Snuggle Puppy Good For?

The snuggle puppy is a great toy from any dog that suffers from some type of anxiety. This toy is especially good for puppies. When you bring a puppy into your home they are going to be quite anxious. After all, they are not familiar with their surroundings and they have been taken away from their mother as well as their brothers and sisters.

Providing your new puppy with a snuggle puppy is a great way to smooth the transition. This toy will provide your pup with an instant friend and make him feel like he is still a part of the pack.

Dogs that get worked up when you leave or do not like to travel can also benefit from this toy. Even if your dog is not anxious or does not show signs of anxiety of any type, they still may love this toy as it will provide them with a sense of overall comfort.


Overall, it is important to know that if you have a dog that suffers from anxiety you are not alone. Dog anxiety is actually quite common and it can cause different behaviors depending on your pet. When searching for a way to soothe your pup there are several toys that may help.

The only toys currently on the market that use a heartbeat technology is the Snuggle Puppy from Smart Pet Love. These Snuggle Puppies will become your dog’s new best friend quite quickly.

They offer a plush toy that is warm, cuddly, and has a heartbeat that can help calm your pup down quickly. This is a great drug free alternative to providing your dog with the comfort he is seeking.

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