Playing With Outdoor Dog Toys

Playing With Outdoor Dog Toys

When the weather warms up it is time to start spending some more time outdoors with your dog. There are some really great outside dog toys from which to choose. These dog outdoor toys are ones that require a bit of room to play with, which makes them inappropriate for playing with indoors.

Instead of focusing fetch toys such as frisbees and balls, this article will focus on the toughest outdoor dog toys that are available. These are the toys that can be left outside in all kinds of weather and will still remain intact and ready to play with the next time you and your dog are ready for some outdoor play time.

Top 6 Outdoor Dog Toys

1. Tug And Toss By Jolly Ball

Jolly Ball is a company that started out making toys for horses. This company truly knows how to make a tough toy. There are several Jolly Ball styles available. Each of these toys have a hollow sphere that has a thick exterior shell that is made of a thick rubber. This rubber shell is tough, but remains flexible.

Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss

There are Jolly Balls that have handles and some that do not. There are even some versions of the Jolly Ball that have a rope attached to them for some good old fashioned tug play. These balls come in several sizes from six to ten inches in diameter.

Perhaps one of the best features of this ball is that it is not inflated. It is just a hollow sphere, which means that your dog cannot pop it no matter how hard he tries. If your dog chews on the handle, the ball is still usable. Just make sure that your remove the handle piece and you are still left with a great rubber ball for your dog to enjoy.

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2. The Tuggo

Tuggo is a somewhat new outdoor dog toy that is available. This toy is a hollow sphere that is made from a very durable and tough plastic material. There is a thick rope that runs out of the center of the sphere. The rope is free moving so it can be pulled out from either side.

Tuggo Tug of War toy for dogs

There are several sizes of the Tuggo available. One of the unique features of this tough toy is that you can fill the ball with water to create further resistance. You can put as much or as little water in the ball as you wish. The amount of water that is added will change the way the toy is played with.

This is a great toy for tugging, dragging, fetching and tossing. It will provide your pet with a good amount of exercise. If you have more than one dog in your home this is a great toy as they can play tug of war with it.

You will need to watch the rope to make sure that your dog does not chew through it. If your dog does chew through it, simply remove it and you can purchase a new one.

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3. Zogoflex Toys By West Paw Design

Zogoflex is a proprietary material that is extremely durable, flexible, and is even buoyant. The material is non-toxic and is sourced in the United States. In addition, all Zogoflex toys are recyclable. If your dog tears the toy up, West Paw Design offers a single product replacement. Send the ruined toy back and they will send you a new one and use pieces of the old toy to make a new one.

Zogoflex dog playing

Some of the options of Zogoflex toys include the Bumi, Tizzi, and the Hurley. There are several others as well. Each of these toys are great for tugging, chewing, and tossing around. All of the toys offered by West Paw Design are able to withstand a lot of abuse, which makes them the perfect toy for outdoors.

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4. Zeus Bomber

The Zeus Bomber kind of looks like a basketball that has handles. The toy is made from 100 percent rubber and comes in several sizes.

Zeus bomber tug of war toy

This is a very heavy toy, which makes it suitable for dogs that have strong necks and powerful jaws.

You can toss the ball or roll the ball far distances and the handle makes it easy for your dog to carry it back to you. Be careful if you try to kick this ball because it is very hard. This is a perfect toy for every type of weather.

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5. Kong Squeezz

The standard Kong Squeezz is about six inches in diameter and is available in several colors. This toy features a recessed squeaker that provides a loud noise when it is squeezed. This is a really great toy for fetch as it will roll and bounce really far distances.

Kong 6 inch dog toy for chewing

You can also purchase the toy with a rope handle. This will add a tug element to the toy.

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6. The Puller

If you are looking for the best outdoor toy for your dog, the Puller should definitely be on your list. The toy comes in a set of 2 rings and there are small and large sizes available. The rings are made of a durable foam which can withstand some seriously tough play.


The Puller is great for tugging, jumping, fetch, and chase. The second ring is the truly unique feature of this toy as you can use it for games as well as for training for commands such as stay, leave it, or drop it.

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When you are looking for the toughest toys to withstand being played with outdoors, there are several things to consider. Choose toys that are made of materials that can withstand all types of weather, such as hard rubber or plastic. You will also want to make sure the outdoor toys do not have any small parts that can be broken off and create a choking hazard.

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