At Play Flexa Foam Dog Toy

At Play Flexa Foam Dog Toy

When you have a dog that loves to chew on things you want to do everything you can to provide him with toys that are durable and that will last a long time. Having the right chew toys for your dog can be the difference between him chewing on his toys or choosing to find your favorite pair of shoes to make his chew toy.

At Play Flexa Foam

When it comes to your dog’s toy box, make sure that you stock it full of great chew toys such as the Flexa Foam Dog Toy.

About The Flexa Foam Dog Toy


  • Fun to bounce and throw
  • Floats
  • ​Has a power play core for extra durability
  • ​Comes in blue or green
  • Promotes outdoor play


If you are looking for a great durable chew toy for your dog, look no further than this foam dog toy from Play Flexa. These latex dog toys offer a play core that is a unique technology that helps to enhance the durability of the toy. These toys offer a chew experience for your pup that is truly unique.

These toys are not only great for chewing, but they also make great fetch toys as well. They are great for throwing as they bounce far. The Flexa foam dog toy will even float, so it is great for outdoor play and water play. Throw this wonderful durable toy and watch your dog bound after it and have the time of his life.

The play core is what truly makes this chew toy unique. If your dog is an avid chewer, this is the toy for them. It was designed with a dog’s jaw in mind and even the toughest chewers will have a tough time getting through this indestructible chew toy for dogs. When your dog is not chewing on the toy you can enjoy some bonding time by playing a great game of fetch with it.

What People Are Saying About The Flexa Foam Dog Toy

This foam dog toy from Flexa has a high 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Dog owners from all over have seemingly fell in love with this toy. The people who love this toy really love it and it has lasted their dog for a very long time.

Flexa Dog Toy

However, there are several reviews that state that the toy did not stand up to their dog's chewing habits. Some people claim that their dogs were able to chew through the toy in a matter of minutes.


If your dog is an average chewer, the Flexa foam dog toy should be a good fit. If you have a dog that simply rips into any toy that he is given, this toy may not last very long. While the playcore located in the center of the toy makes this a durable chew toy for most dogs, make sure that you watch your dog when he is playing with the toy as it is possible for small parts to come off.

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