Petcube Play Camera

Petcube Play Camera

When you bring home your dog for the first time you want to stay with him all the time. In fact, most dog owners would prefer to never leave their dog alone. Unfortunately, this is simply not an option for most people as life will get in the way and there comes a time when you have to go to work or leave the house to go somewhere that your dog is not allowed.

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When you are not able to be with your dog, wouldn’t it be great to still be able to check in on him from time to time? The good news is, with the Petcube Play you can do just that. This great interactive toy allows you to view your dog at any time no matter where you may be. All you need is the toy and a compatible mobile device.

About Petcube Play


  • 1080p real time HD video, 3x digital zoom, 138 degree wide angle lens
  • Stable internet is needed at home and on mobile device
  • ​2 way audio allows you to talk to and listen to your pet
  • ​Motion and sound notifications for home security
  • ​Laser toy built in and controlled using your smartphone
  • ​Autoplay feature allows you to set times for the laser so that your pet regularly exercises and plays
  • Easy set up
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The PetCube was designed to allow pet owners to watch, play and even talk to their dogs no matter where they may be. The built in wi-fi pet camera allows you and your pet to stay connected through a mobile device. Simply download the Petcube app on your phone after setting the toy up in your home and you are ready to go.

Petcube iOS app

This toy not only allows you to see your dog at any time, it also features a laser toy that you can control from your smartphone.

What People Say About The Petcube Play

The PetCube Play is still relatively new, but it already has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon out of 5 stars. People who have purchased the Petcube play love the wide angle of the camera lens that provides a great amount of coverage. The images that are provided are clear and you can even see your pets in the dark.

The set up is quite easy and people love how easy the companion app is to use.

One complaint about the Petcube Play is that the laser does not work as well as they would like it to.


When it comes to staying in contact with your pet, the Petcube Play has a lot to offer. This camera offers a wide angle, which allows you to view a large area of your home. You can use the companion app to view your pets at any time.

If you are looking for a way to check in on your pets regularly, the Petcube Play has you covered.

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