Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

Your dog is your best friend and as your best friend you only want the best toys for him. In fact, you would love to find a toy that keeps your dog entertained and occupied and perhaps even would make him smarter.

In walks the line of interactive dog toys from Nina Ottosson. This line of toys has a lot to offer dog owners as they are not only durable, but are designed to help keep your dog’s mind occupied. A dog that is challenged regularly is less likely to become bored. We all know that a bored dog often becomes a destructive dog, which is why it is important to keep your pup entertained and happy.

About Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson is a well-known Swedish dog trainer. She spent her life working with dogs and helping to train them. During that time she developed a sense of how dogs learn. She has taken this knowledge of the canine world and used it to develop a range of fun, durable, and interactive games for dogs to enjoy.

The Nina Ottosson line of interactive games are all designed to stimulate your dog’s brain while reinforcing his relationship with your family. Nina’s philosophy is that a dog has four legs and a single head and each of these five things need to be active in different ways. In other words, dogs not only need to be physically stimulated, they also need to be mentally stimulated.

The toys made by Nina Ottosson will:

  • Reduce and prevent common behavior problems
  • Exercise your dog’s body and mind
  • ​Help reduce and prevent weight issues
  • ​Help to strengthen the pet/owner relationship
  • Prevent boredom


  • A toy that is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes
  • A toy that will enhance your relationship with your pet
  • ​A toy that will teach your dog to look and listen in order to learn
  • It will stimulate your dog’s brain
  • ​Hours of entertainment
  • ​Difficulty levels are varied for each toy
Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

There are several interactive dog toys available in the Nina Ottosson line. The Dog Brick is an interactive game where the dog will need to first remove the bones that are on top of the toy. Once the bones are removed he will need to slide the covers in order to find the treats that are hidden inside.

The Dog Brick is great for beginners as well as more experienced dogs as the level of difficulty can be changed to meet your dog’s needs.

All of the toys from the Nina Ottosson line are tough and hardwearing. They are also slobber proof and can be thrown in the dishwasher to clean. The toys are also equipped with anti-slip feet so they will stay in place during your dog’s play.

What People Say About Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toys

The line of toys from Nina Ottosson have an average of a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Amazon. These toys offer something for every type of dog and are even great for cats. If your dog is newer to the puzzle games, users recommend starting with the Dog Magic. This toy is quite easy for your dog to learn how to use. Once he has mastered this toy you can move on to some of the more difficult puzzles in the line of toys.

Dog owners recommend starting out with the easier level toys and working your way up. If you start with a harder toy you and your dog might become frustrated quite quickly. The nice thing about most of the toys from Nina Ottosson is that they each offer varying levels of difficulty. This means that you can start using the toy with the easiest levels and then change the difficulty as your dog learns how to use it.

Customers also like the fact that these toys are very durable and are really easy to clean. You can simply wipe the toy off and stick it in your dishwasher whenever it becomes too dirty.

One of the biggest customer complaints about the Dog Brick toy is that it is too easy for dog’s to figure out. If you have a smarter than average dog you may want to begin with one of the higher difficulty toys.

Should You Buy These Toys?

The Nina Ottosson line of dog toys are really unique interactive toys. These toys have been designed to exercise your dog’s mind as well as improve their dexterity. The toys are good for any size and age dog as they provide a great way to prevent boredom.

If you have a larger dog, it is important to note that some of the toys are simply too small for them to play with as it is difficult for them to fit their paws or nose in some of the areas of the toys.


Nina Ottosson is a Swedish dog trainer who really knows the canine world. Her goal with this line of toys was to create a line of toys that was truly interactive so that your dog’s brain and body would be engaged.

Nina Interactive Dog Toy

There are several toys available in this line that offer a great challenge for your pup. Each of the toys are durable and easy to clean, which are nice features for a puzzle type of toy. If you are looking for a way to entertain your busy and energetic dog, one of the puzzles offered by Nina Ottosson should do the trick.

Remember, some of the toys in the line are purposely designed to be easier than others. Starting off with one of the easier to use toys is recommended as it will give your dog a chance to learn how these toys work. You can then move on to some of the more difficult toys that are available.

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