The Nero Ball TM Review

The Nero Ball TM Review

What dog doesn’t love a good game of fetch? Well maybe your senior dog is not up for it, but for young pups and younger adult dogs, a game of fetch can make their day. When looking for great toys to play fetch with, there are numerous discs and balls available. Each of these toys has something unique to offer and some are really great.

One toy that you and your dog may enjoy is the Rubber Dog Ball Launcher designed by Nero Ball ™.

About Nero Ball ™ Rubber Dog Ball Launcher


  • Used by military and police dogs
  • Rope allows for longer tosses
  • ​Used to motivate, strengthen and train your dog
  • Improves bond between pet owners and their pets
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One of the nice things about this toy is the fact that you do not need to purchase a separate launcher in order to send this ball flying. The nylon rope on the toy allows you to fling the ball quite far. In addition, the rope keeps the ball from rolling continuously on hard surfaces.

The design of this ball is new and improved to offer further durability and strength. It is designed to hold up to the rigorous day of a working dog, such as dogs that are in the military or part of the police force.

One important safety note about this product. The ball was designed to be used as a training tool for your dog. The ball is quite durable, but the rope is not intended to be chewed on. If you want to use the toy as a chew toy for your dog, make sure that you remove the rope first.

In addition, this ball can fly quite fast when launched. You should never aim this product directly at animals, people, or property. This toy should not be used indoors.

What Are People Saying About This Toy?

The Nero Ball ™- Rubber ball launcher has a 4.4 star rating out of 5 on Amazon. The great thing about this toy seems to be the fact that you can launch it really far. The ball is fairly durable and many pet owners rave about how much their dogs love playing with this ball.

However, according to one reviewer, the dog does not hold up to a gentle game of tug. The not on the rope simply comes through the ball. If you want a tug toy for your dog, this one is not as durable as some others on the market. However, if you are looking for a great fetch toy, the rubber dog ball launcher is fantastic.


If you are looking for a great ball to train your dog with, this rubber dog ball launcher is a good choice. This dog has been used to train work dogs and can stand the test of toy. However, if you are looking for a ball that your dog can chew on, you may want to look for something else as this ball was not designed for that type of play.

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