KONG Wobbler Toy Review

KONG Wobbler Toy Review

If you own a dog and have looked for toys for him, chances are that you have come across the Kong brand of products. There is a very good reason for this. Kong dog toys are thought to be some of the best and most innovative dog toys currently on the market. The Kong brand is associated with high quality.

About Kong

The Kong company was founded by Joe Markham. He owned a trained police dog named Fritz. He loved Fritz, but he did not love his destructive chewing habits. Fritz would chew on rocks, sticks, and other items that were not great for his teeth.

Markham was working on a car one day and discovered a rubber suspension part and gave it to Fritz to play with. He notices the toughness and erratic bounce of the material. This was the inspiration for Kong Toys.

Kong now uses a built to chew, proprietary, pet safe rubber for all of their toys. Dogs love these toys because they bounce and keep them engaged. Owners love this brand because it is super durable and they can stuff it with treats, throw it for their dog to fetch, or leave it in the yard for their dog to play with.

The Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is one of the newer toys created by the company. This is a 3 in one toy that can keep your dog challenged during meal time or whenever he just needs to play. The Wobbler is made from a high strength polymer, which is different than most of the other toys offered by the brand.

The wobbler will sit upright until the dog uses his nose or paw to push it. It will then spin, wobble and roll. While it is rolling treats are dispensed from a hole located near the top of the toy. Dogs will quickly realize that moving the toy rewards them with treats, but because the toy moves unpredictably, it will keep them entertained for long periods of time.

This is a great toy for playtime as it will provide both physical activity and mental stimulation. In addition, it also is a good alternative to a regular food bowl as it will prevent gulping, slow down the feeding time, and provide entertainment all at the same time.

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

The Kong Wobbler is manufactured in the United States. It is made from a high strength polymer that has been approved by the FDA. You can easily unscrew the lid to add food quickly and easily. You can also put it in the top rack of the dishwasher to keep it clean.

It comes in 2 sizes. The small size is 4.5 by 4.5 inches and is 6 inches high. It is best for dogs up to 25 pounds. The large size measures 5 by 5 inches and is 7.5 inches high and is suitable for dogs that weigh over 25 pounds.


The Kong Wobbler treat dispenser dog toy has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Dog owners who purchase this toy are typically extremely satisfied with this great toy. One owner stated that her dog has never had trouble learning how to play with this toy and that aside from using bully sticks, the Kong treat dispensing toy is the best way to keep her active dog entertained.

One issue with this toy is that it is very large. Even the smaller size is quite big, which makes it almost impossible for a smaller dog to use. In addition, instead of being made out of rubber it is made out of a hard plastic. While still durable, some dogs may not like the feel of this material, especially if they are used to playing with hard rubbery toys.

Another issue is that the hole seems to be too big for using kibble. Many other toys offer an adjustable hole for the treats to come out of and this would be a nice feature to add to this toy.

Overall, most people are very satisfied with their choice of this toy. They report that the toy is extremely durable and has lasted for very long periods of time. This toy is very heavy so most dogs will have trouble tossing it around, which is a good thing for most dog owners that want to save their floor and furnitures.

In addition, this toy is durable enough that it can be used outside as well.

Should You Buy The Kong Wobbler?

The Kong brand alone makes this toy worth at least looking at. If you have a strong and active dog, this is a great toy to keep them engaged with. The wobbler is very heavy, so dogs will have trouble pushing it around, which means they really have to work for their treat or food.

This is also a good toy for dogs that tend to eat too fast as it will slow down the eating process as your dog will need to move the toy in order to get his food.

KONG Wobbler

If your dog is on the smaller side and not very strong, this toy may be too difficult for them to use.


Overall, when it comes to name brand dog toys, Kong is one of the best. The Wobbler is one of the newer toys available from the company and unlike some of the other Kong brand toys it is made from a polymer instead of the rubber that is often found in the company’s chew toys.

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