Are There Really Any Indestructible Dog Toys?

Are There Really Any Indestructible Dog Toys?

If you own a dog you already know that they are going to chew on anything that they can get ahold of. Chewing is just as natural to a dog as wagging their tails. While your dog’s chewing habit may be bothersome, there is some good news. You can train your dog to chew on other things.

DIY Dog Sock toy

The first step is to try to find some great chew toys for your dog. There are many great toys out on the market that your dog is sure to love. The trick will be trying to find the toy that will keep your dog entertained enough so that he chews on his favorite toy and not on your favorite pair of shoes.

Finding The Right Chew Toy

If your dog loves to chew and is pretty rough with his toys and other items, it is important to choose dog toys that are indestructible. It is important to note that there really are no toys available that are truly indestructible, but there are some that are pretty close.

Destructable dog toy

The best indestructible dog toys are going to be made of tough materials that can stand the strong jaws of your dog. Here are some of the toughest dog toys available that you may want to try.

Dog Toys Made From Solid Rubber

For larger dogs and the toughest chewers, a solid rubber dog toy is going to be the best option. These toys are designed for those harder players who seem to destroy other toys in an instant.

How it looks from he inside

Kong is one of the leading brands of dog toys on the market. The toys made by Kong are considered to be some of the most durable and safest dog chew toys available. There are a number of different shapes and sizes of toys available, meeting the needs of any type of dog that you may have.

Many of the toys made by Kong have a spot to put treats in. This will help keep your dog’s attention for even longer.

If you have an aggressive chewer, the Extreme Ball and the Blue Toy from Kong are two of the top sellers. The Kong Blue is made from radiopaque rubber. This means that if your dog happens to chew through it, pieces of the toy shows up on an x-ray if they are swallowed.

The extreme ball is super bouncy and is puncture resistant, which is why it is so popular.

chew up goughnuts

It is important to note that even though the Kong brand is known for its toughness, when it comes to indestructible rubber dog toys, even some dogs can find a way to damage these toys. Make sure that you inspect on any toys your dog is playing with and if you notice parts falling off, make sure that you remove them from your dog’s access.

Tough Rubber Dog Toys That You May Want To Consider Include

These are really tough!

GoughNuts Chew Toy For Dogs

This toy is made from 2 thick rubber layers and is one of the most indestructible toys currently on the market. It features a red center as a safety feature. If you see any red on the toy you know it is time to stop allowing your dog to play with it.

Tug ‘n Toss Jolly Ball From Jolly Pets

This heavy duty chew ball is made of thick durable rubber that will not deflate or pop.

Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss

Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toys

For the most part, squeaky dog toys are not often the best chew toys. However, there are a few squeaky toys out there that will stand the test of time. If your dog is playing with a squeaky toy and you see that he has reached the squeaker, make sure that you take it out immediately as this can become a choking hazard.

Most Durable Squeaky Toys For Your Dog Include

Squeaky toys usually enjoy quite the punishment so it's important for them to durable!

JW Pet Ruffians Rubber Dog Toys

These are high quality squeaky toys that come in a lot of fun shapes and sizes. While they are not indestructible, they do tend to last longer than most other toys of this type.

JW Pet Cuz Rubber Ball

This is a rubber ball that features feet and ears. It comes in three different sizes. While dogs tend to chew off the legs and ears of the bad because, the rest of the toy will last for a very long time.

jw muscle cuz rubber ball

Indestructible Plush Dog Toys

When it comes to chew toys, plush dog toys are not often the best thing for your dog. Most dogs will destroy a plush toy in a short amount of time, sometimes in just minutes. Fortunately, many dog toy manufacturers know this and they are now starting to come up with higher quality plush animals that are more durable than before.

Most of these newer plush toys are made from tougher materials and are double stitched for added strength.

The Best Indestructible Plush Toys Include

Plushlies are never truly indestructible but there are some very durable ones!


The mega dog toys from Tuffy are very durable thanks to the seven layers of material that are used to make them. The thick material combined with four rows of stitching make these some of the toughest plush toys currently available.

Sherpa Pet

These have double stitched seams combined with the chew guard technology that is guaranteed throughout their brand.


When searching for indestructible dog toys you are going to come across many great products that come close to being indestructible. However, there are some dogs that may be more determined than others and they will be able to destroy almost anything you give them.

If you have an aggressive chewer just make sure that you keep a stock of high quality durable toys around to keep them entertained. The list above is a good place to begin.

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