Entertaining Your Intelligent Dog With Smart Dog Toys

Entertaining Your Intelligent Dog With Smart Dog Toys

There are endless benefits of having a smart dog. He will keep you entertained with his endless and creative tactics. A smart dog will amaze you with all of the things that he can do. However, when a smart dog is left home alone while you work, this intelligence can quickly lead to boredom. This can cause behavioral problems such as barking or destruction. Here are some tips that you can use to keep your smart dog happy while he is alone.


The first thing that you have to do in order to keep your puppy happy and content while you are away for the day is to make sure that he has had plenty of exercise before you leave for the day. Take some time before work to play with your pup or take him on a walk.

It may be hard to find time before work to exercise your dog, but think about it from your puppy’s perspective. Just imagine that you were woken up for the day and full of energy and then you had to sit around the house all day with no source of entertainment. How long would it take you to become frustrated?

Most dogs need about a 45 minute walk in the mornings. If you cannot do this, make sure that you walk him as long as possible and put on a weighted backpack so that the short walk will still wear him out. You may also want to consider doggy day care or hiring a dog walker to come in a few times each week. This will make him more content.

Meal Time

One great way to entertain your pup is to make feeding time a game. Instead of simply filling his bowl with food, consider purchasing a feeding toy. There are many different feeding dishes that make your dog work for their food. These dishes are great for engaging your pups mind.

Another option is to hide your dog’s food in several bowls throughout the house. Your dog will then have to go on a hunt for his food. This can be a great way to keep your smart dog entertained.

You can also purchase toys that offer treats. These treat toys are great interactive dog toys that can keep your dog entertained for hours as they will continue to work on the puzzle or play with the toy in order to get rewarded.


Perhaps the most important way to keep your smart dog entertained is through toys. Think of playing as being your dog’s job. You want to provide your dog with many great interactive toys that will keep him occupied throughout the day.

It is a good idea to rotate the toys that you offer your smart dog. This way he will not get bored with only having the same toys to play with day in and day out. You can even hide his toys around the house so that he has to hunt for them.

Here are some of the best dog toys for smart dogs to consider purchasing for your smarter than average pup.

Nina Ottosson Puzzle Dog Toys

Some of the most popular interactive smart dog toys are the puzzles from Nina Ottosson. There are many great choices available from this line of smart dog toys. Two of the best options are the Dog Brick and the Dog Casino. Some of the other puzzle dog games include Dog Spinny, Dog Twister, and the Dog Treat Maze.

These toys will teach your dogs to wait until they are told to start, to find the things behind the puzzle doors, and then to enjoy the treat as they are immediately rewarded.

Rag Rope Ball

The Rag Rope Ball from Petstages is a multi-purpose dog toy that offers a ball and a rope combo. This toy is very durable and will last a long time. It is a great toy for puppies, but can also be used for small and medium sized dogs of all ages.

Rag Rope Petstages

When playing with the rag rope ball, whenever your dog drops it the toy does not roll far away, but it does land on different sides that offer different pieces of rope for your dog to chew on. The numerous ropes provide many different ways for your dog to toss, grab, and carry the toy around.

Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl

As mentioned above, one of the ways to keep your dog entertained is to turn feeding time into a game. The Aikiou Interactive dog bowl can help you do just that. When an animal lives in the wild they are forced to hunt for their food. Unfortunately, domesticated animals do not get to use this area of the brain.

Aikiou Interactive Bowl

The Aikiou Interactive dog bowl was created with this in mind. To use this bowl you will hide food inside the many compartments. Your dog will have to slide open different doors and spin a centrally located wheel in order to find his food.

This bowl is a great way to get your dog to use his problem solving instincts. When your dog’s mind is occupied he is less likely to become destructive.


When you have a smart dog you will simply have to be smarter as a dog owner. You will need to come up with clever ways to keep your dog entertained throughout the day while you are gone. Fortunately, you are not on your own in this endeavor. There are many great dog toys available for smart dogs.

The list above is a good place to start when searching for toys for your dog. Make sure that you provide a wide variety of different types of toys in order to keep your dog entertained and happy throughout the day.

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