Tips For Choosing The Best Toys For Your Small Dog

Tips For Choosing the Best Toys for your Small Dog

The process of buying dog toys for small breeds seems simple enough. However, it really is not as easy as it sounds. There are hundreds of small breed dog toys available, which makes it difficult to know which toys are best for your particular pup.

Veriety of Dog Toys

If you are struggling to choose the right small dog toys, here are a few tips to consider before purchasing dog toys.

No Dog Toys Are Indestructible

When it comes to dog toys you are going to see a lot of toys labeled as being indestructible. It is important to note that if you have a determined dog, there is no toy that is truly indestructible. However, with that being said, there are small dog toys that are more durable than others and these are the toys that you should be looking for.

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Many people think that since their dog is small that they do not need toys that are tough. However, just because your dog has a smaller jaw does not mean that there is not some power behind his bite.

When searching for small dog toys read the labels of the toys and find out what makes them more durable. Double stitching, types of material, among other things are all what to look for when trying to find durable toys for dog toys.

Look For Guarantees

There are some toys on the market that come with a guarantee for a short time, like 30 days. If your dog destroys the toy in that amount of time the company will replace it for free. There are some tough products out there that have longer guarantees as well. If a manufacturer is guaranteeing their product, chances are it is high quality and worth looking into.

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It’s All About Your Dog

When it comes down to it, choosing toys for your dog will depend directly on your dog’s personality. If your dog does not play rough with toys, chances are any type of toy will work well. However, if you have a small dog that loves to chew, you are going to need to look for toys that will withstand those tiny teeth.


When you purchase a toy for your dog make sure that you watch him play with it. It is important to make sure that your dog does not get small parts off of the toy that they could possibly choke on. Toys are provided to your dog as entertainment, but they are not a babysitter. However, there are some toys available that will provide your dog with self entertainment and not as much supervision is needed.

You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to dog toys it is easy to simply by the cheapest toys you can find and hope for the best. However, these toys are cheap for a reason. If you pay $2 for a toy you can bet that it is cheaply made and it is not going to last very long. Spend a little bit more on a higher quality toy that will last longer. This is not only safer for your dog, but it also will save you money over time as you will not be replacing toys every other day.

Remember to get what you payed for Dogs

Top 3 Toys for Small Dogs

With these tips in mind, we have put together a list of some of the best small dog toys from which to choose.

Outward Hound Kyjen PP01368 Squeaker Mat Sheep 16-Squeaker Plush Squeak Toy

If your dog loves plush toys but tends to quickly destroy them, this sheep squeaker mat is a durable plush toy that can withstand those tiny teeth. The mat has sixteen squeakers hidden inside and your dog will love shaking and flapping the map to hear those sounds.

Outward Sqeeky

This mat is extremely durable, but it is also cuddly. When your dog is done playing with the mat he can cuddle up with it and nap.

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Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox 24-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy

The stuffing from plush toys can become the bane of your existence as a small dog owner. These plush toys may be a favorite, but they typically do not last long and you are left finding stuffing all over your house.

In comes the skinneeez fox. This great plush toy does not have any stuffing inside it, but it is still soft and cuddly and the perfect plush toy for your destructive small dog. The small fox shape is perfect to bring out your dog’s hunting instincts as this looks and feels just like a real animal.

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Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

For small dogs that have a bit of anxiety, the Snuggle Puppy is the perfect toy. This toy has a real heartbeat and stimulated the feeling of being with the pack. In addition, there are warming packs that can be put inside to keep your small dog warm and cozy.

The goal of this toy is to help easy any type of fear or discomfort that your puppy may have. Anxiety and fear may be leading to unwanted behaviors and this toy is designed to help alleviate those issues.

The snuggle puppy is all natural, is not a restraint, and can help calm your pet by appealing to their natural instincts.

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Shopping for your small dog is a bit different than shopping for toys for your large dog. Smaller dogs simply need smaller toys. Making sure that you choose toys for small dogs that are the appropriate size is the most important thing to keep in mind during your shopping.

Just because your dog is small does not mean that he does not need durable toys. In fact, some small dogs are even more destructive than large dogs. Make sure that you choose high quality, durable toys to entertain your pup with. Your wallet and your dog will thank you.

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